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Two Country Tour

Argentina & Chile

Authentic Argentina & Chile

From learning to Tango, soaking up the amazing architecture, and getting to know the expansive backcountry where Argentinian cowboys roam, to wandering the streets of Valparaiso, hometown of Chile's most famous poet, Pablo Neruda, this Argentina and Chile combination trip will provide an absolutely brilliant introduction to two of South America's most sumptuous and accessible countries for North Americans.

Horse trekking Pampas

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Travel is nothing if it’s not transformational. Visiting Argentina we see the blend of old world and new in the traditions from indiginous people, Italy, Germany, Spain, and more as they combine to create a new unique flavor all its own in beautiful Argentina. We will be spending all our time out of the big cities and main tourist attractions, as we delve in to explore the incredible countryside and get to know the people of this wondrous country. We’ll explore and taste world renowned wine vintages and other uniquely Argentinian traditions of cooking, plus learn about wool-making and the way of life of the gauchos (cowboys), all traditions that make Argentina unforgettable.


Equally impressive, though very different, is the next part of our journey to Chile. We’ll meet its people, discover different traditions, and soak in its many and varied landscapes. From the hilly urban artistic cliffside city of Valparaiso facing the mighty Pacific Ocean, down to the placid lakes and valleys in the shadow of huge, perfectly conical volcanos, we will also spend time with the native Mapuche community, the original ‘settlers’ of this fascinatingly diverse country. Be prepared to be stunned and delighted by gorgeous people, places, and sites.

Tour Overview

This is a 16-day tour beginning in Mendoza, moving to the Argentinian Pampas and a ranch-like setting, then we fly to Chile and spend time in vibrant Valparaiso and end our tour in Chile’s scenic lake district. The trip requires your flight arrival to Mendoza, Argentina at the start of our journey, plus your departure ticket home from Santiago, Chile.

Limited Places!

Our experienced tour hosts from the Simply Culture Boutique Travel team (California Seller of Travel number #2107350-50) will lead us on a trip like no other. Come join us as we connect with the people, traditions, food, and panoramas that have made each of these inspiring nations legendary destinations for discerning travelers. Contact us today for more information and to reserve your place! Only 20 places available total!

Good to Know

Here are some fun facts about Argentina and Chile in preparation for your trip!


Argentina / Chile

Visa Requirements

Not Needed for EU Citizens or US citizens for stays of 90 days or less.

Population sizes

Argentina= 44.3 million people approx. ; Chile= 18 million people approx.

Languages spoken

Spanish is official language of both Argentina and Chile; less than 10% indiginous languages spoken in each country.

Currency Used

Argentine Peso; Chilean Peso

Area (km2)

1.073 Million mi²- Argentina and 292,260 mi²- Chile

Next Tour Dates

November 7-21, 2020

Tour Highlights

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