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Land of mist and mystery, castles, fairy tales, enchantment, and also science! Yes, STEM has hit the Emerald Isle in a big way over the last 20 years and the background and reasons for it are many. On this incredible trip to one of the world's most gorgeously scenic countries, we'll get a chance to learn more about the uniquely Irish creative combination of imagination and technology, and how that is proving to be a 21st Century powerhouse in our technological age. We'll also get a chance to dig into our guests' personal heritage, if any, and connections to their ancestors on our tour.

Ireland Small Group Tour
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Small Group Tours and School Trips!

Whether you’re joining us on our small group tour or a school STEM tour, Crosspolination’s trip to Ireland is one of our most popular and transformational for young and young-at-heart visitors alike! Our travelers enjoy a chance to get to know a culture that has centuries’ old ties to many countries across the world. You’ll enjoy the warm and friendly hospitality the Irish are renowned for across the globe first-hand. Plus we’ll visit 5 very different counties on your trip, and get a chance to meet new local friends on their own ‘turf’, as you learn about any personal connections and heritage you have and unique opportunities to discover and play in this enchanting country.

Good to Know

Read some fun facts about Ireland and some important details you should know before visiting the ``Emerald Isle``!



Visa Requirements

Not Needed for EU Citizens or US Citizens through December 2021. After 2021 US citizens will need a visa waiver prior to travel.

Languages spoken

English; Irish (Gaelic)

Currency Used


Area (km2)

27,133 mi²


4.83 million

Political Structure

Independent Republic since 1937

Next Group Tour

September 19-27, 2020

Upcoming Tours

We will be offering an upcoming Small Group Tour open for all to join including families with children aged 8+ Sept 19-27, 2020. For further information and to book, view our detailed Tour page. School groups are invited to contact us to book dates for your organized STEM and/or cultural school trip.

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