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Paradise in Panama

Science students and schools interested in fostering a love of STEM in their students will be absolutely delighted by our school tours to Panama, a natural paradise that packs an incredible amount of resources for a real-world classroom into a very manageable country and culture. Join us for a most excellent journey to see wildlife, birds, flora, ocean and sealife, as well as learn about the impact human activity and our choices can make on our environment for worse or better. A fascinating and hands-on trip for highschool groups especially to instill a respect for our abilities and our environment.

A natural paradise

Panama is known for its famous canal the world over. But did you know that it’s also a mostly undeveloped country outside of its capital city, Panama City? This is one of the reasons it’s such a pleasure for nature-enthusiasts and natural science students to spend time here. Boasting a huge variety of bird life, being on the North to South America annual migratory path, as well as incredible animal and lush plant life, our guests are often rewarded with sightings of wonderful creatures in the tropical and cloud forests we visits. It’s not unusual to see the likes of pumas, sloths, giant lizards, monkeys and many more. And with mangroves through to highlands, streching between the Carribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, this small country offers an incredibly vast set of natural resources our groups have the pleasure of learning about through immersion.

Man’s ‘progress’

Panama is perhaps the best country in the world to study the impact that humankind’s ‘progress’ continues to have today on nature.  Indigenous tribes still live in remote forested areas, while glitzy towers with every luxury known to us in the 21st century overlook one of the world’s most incredible engineering feats, the Panama Canal. Recently expanded since its original opening in 1914 at the beginning of WWI, we can’t help but reflect on the history of humankind and our relationship to each other and nature wherever we visit in Panama. This is why we spend our first 2 days of our tour learning all about the canal and how it alone has had a huge hand to play in human progress in just the last 140 years.

Balancing human needs with those of our environment

After our first 2 days in Panama City, we move to the Western part of the country to base ourselves in one of the few remaining national forests. We get to explore life fully here, whether plant, animal or human from a wonderful base and Eco Lodge in the cloud forest near Volcan Baru. We will meet an indiginous tribe, learn how they adapted long ago to life in the forest, and how life is changing for them now. We’ll also learn why this uniquely rich ecosystem is threatened, like many others around the world. We’ll importantly learn the part we all can play in helping to strike a proper balance between primary forest preservation, sustainable agricultural practices, and the important ecosystems that we enjoy and depend on, wherever we live.

Pick your group travel dates now- limited availability for 2020-2021 and 2021-2022!

Our Paradise in Panama Tour is a customizable 6-9 day Tour and is available  to book according to your school’s or small group’s schedule! Our experienced and passionate guides will lead you on an informative, hands-on trip, so that all participants can enjoy a marvelous time and gain an understanding of how human activity impacts the natural world around us. Participants leave with the confidence they can make positive choices for our world as a result of understanding through science. This is an especially empowering trip for high school students! Contact us today for more a free quote and to reserve your group dates! (Minimum of 10 travelers for this tour and up to 75 places available.)

Good to Know

Here are some useful fun facts about Panama in preparation for your trip!



Visa Requirements

Not Needed for US or EU citizens for stays of 180 days or less.


4.1 million

Languages spoken

Spanish is official language of both Argentina and Chile; less than 10% indiginous languages spoken in each country.

Currency Used

The Balboa but the US Dollar is used at a 1:1 rate everywhere

Area (km2)

29,157 mi²

Tour Highlights

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