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High School US History Tour

Washington DC

Washington DC

This special trip is superb for US High School students, teachers, and families! Partnering with 5-Star reviewed tour operator, Simply Culture Boutique Travel (California Seller of Travel #2107350-50) Crosspolination is delighted to introduce your school to one of the best annual traditions you can offer your student community; the opportunity to visit our Nation's Capital with an expert in providing experiential educational trips. Teachers will love to share important historical highlights of our unique heritage, the importance of the American Experiment in World History and on current events, as well as a reminder of its importance for the future, where history began and lives on!

White House
Capitol Reflections

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Simply Culture Boutique Travel takes us back in time!


We begin this trip by flying or driving to Washington DC, the Nation’s iconic and beautiful Capital. From here we will take our private coach to Jamestown Settlement and Colonial Williamsburg to start our tour in chronological order of the history.


Over the next several days we learn about the early colonial days, before the United States was founded. We’ll also visit Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello and learn about his contributions to the founding of our country, as well as the controversy about him and the other founding fathers owning slaves. After Monticello, we make our way up to Washington DC for dinner and a tour of the Illuminated Monuments, DC by night. Beautiful!


Next up, we’re off to Gettysburg, PA to learn about the Civil war and walk on the battlefield where it took place, inclusive of a powerful personalized revisiting of the events through the eyes of each soldier.  From here, we return to the DC area to visit the most important buildings and museums to our history and current events: Arlington National Cemetery, The Capitol Building, White House (pending tour by lottery), The US Supreme Court, Library of Congress, National Archives, and finally the Holocaust Museum and Smithsonian Museums.


This is a full but well-paced 9-day tour to give your students and you plenty to enjoy and be proud of, as well as to create life-long memories. Many of our schools make this Amazing History Tour to DC their annual tradition. We intend to make it this powerful for you too, as you won’t find a better way to make an impact on your students’ understanding of their country’s history!

Good to Know

Read some fun facts about the US and our tour to DC in the ‘’Land of Opportunity’’!



USA and its Territories

50 independent States, 1 Federal District, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands; Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands, and American Samoa

Travel Document Requirements

Children who are 16 and older, and are U.S. citizens, are required to travel with photo ID. The photo ID can be a passport, or their original U.S. birth certificate with the raised seal plus a government-issued photo ID. Children over the age of 15 who are not U.S. citizens must hold their own passport. Travelers must submit your social security number and name exactly as it appears on your ID to be entered in the lottery for the White House tour.

Flying or Driving to DC?

Crosspolination does not provide Air ticketing. Student groups will need to purchase either individual or group air fare or ground transportation to reach Washington DC for our start date. We have resources to assist Group Organizers in making group travel arrangements to our meeting point. Contact us for details.

What's Included in the Washington DC Tour Package?

• 8 Nights Hotel
• Continental Breakfast and Dinner Daily
• Lunch at Monticello
• Transportation on private charter bus
• Classical Learning Journey Trip Guidebook (detailed itinerary and educational workbook)
• All entrance tickets
• Hands-on Educational workshops, experiences, and re- enactments
• Private, licensed tour-guide when indicated
• Evening Activities and programs as indicated
• Traveler Nametag and Lanyard
• Optional Payment Plan to spread expense over several months
• Gratuities for bus driver and tour guides
• Contests, Scavenger Hunts, and Super Trooper Traveler Award daily with Grand Prize at end
• Trip Training Meeting for travelers and chaperones
• Coordinated Safety Plan for hotel and outings (buddy system, count-offs, established emergency meeting locations, cards for each student to carry with phone numbers of leaders, etc.)
• Full-time trip coordinator, accompanying you on entire trip
• Request for tour of White House (first-come, first- serve, lottery basis)

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