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Crosspolination is a global travel company designed by educators and parents. We know the incredible benefits travel has on influencing and inspiring young people and their view of the world. All our team has extensive international experience, not just in working with schools and young people, but also personally traveling, working, AND living for extended time abroad. And, we're excited to share the best the world has to offer you and your group! Where do you want to explore? Get in touch today. We'll make your dream trip a reality!

We're on a Mission

As Educators, Travelers, Parents, and Leaders, every tour we offer is built to inspire & instill confidence in explorers of all ages.

Educational Travel Specialists

Crosspolination is a global, educational travel company, designed by educators for student groups, individuals, and adventurous families. We love criss-crossing new ideas with new people and cultures!

Every country has its traditions and histories and, yet, despite the different and seemingly disparate approaches to life, we all have a common human bond and share one planet. We can no longer ignore the fact that what we do, for better or worse, matters to others, sometimes on the other side of the world.


Crosspolination is the place where travelers, who wish to better connect with local cultures, can discover new people, places, and more about themselves by participating in our fun and carefully designed activities and workshops, interwoven throughout every exciting tour we offer!


Crosspolination’s are no ordinary tours! We engage our guests by connecting them with great places and people around the planet, helping form bonds of friendship that impact us all for years to come.

Go Local with a Great Guide!

Join us for your next incredible journey and discover one of the best ways to travel: with a local guide who can provide you with an insider’s look at a new place and culture, and help you gain the confidence to make real and lasting connections with locals, anywhere in the world!

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