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Why learn about Archeology in Ireland? Or Aerospace in France or Washington D.C.?

Simple! Because every culture has its own unique approach to answering one of humanity’s biggest questions: What does it mean to lead a happy, productive, and engaged life?

Our expert team of fun guides, educators, and partner organizations thrives on sharing their unusual cultural, work, and life experiences to help YOU ‘Cross-Pollinate’ your own fresh ideas and perspectives. We celebrate hands-on learning on our trips and our travelers love discovering new ways of thinking by going on tour with us!

Our aim is to inspire our guests and ignite your passion for all the diversity on our planet.
CrossPoliNation is a multi-cultural project aimed at inspiring people of all ages to engage in and link with the world around them. We help students, friends, and families discover the planet.


Domestic and International Educational Group Tours

We specialize in 2 distinct types of trips. Whether we take you and your group to a fabulous destination within the US or internationally, you can choose to join one of our school tours or on one of our exciting small group cultural tours, ideal for curious families and solo travelers that want great company!


Upcoming Tour Locations in 2020 and 2021 include:

Washinton D.C. * Ireland * Panama * Argentina & Chile * France * Spain * Italy * Portugal * Liechtenstein * Austin, TX


Age range of student participants Age 14-18 and Ages 18-25

Age range of Cultural Immersion group participants: Ages 10 – Adult


Activities and Hands-on Workshops can include: Surfing, Art, Walking/Hiking, Farming, Coding/Gaming, Writing, Cave Exploration, Cooking & BBQ, Astronomy, Language Lessons, Mindfulness Workshop, Archeology, Historical Visits, Political History Workshops, Oceanography, Golf, and more!


Number of Discoveries, New Friends, and Laughs per Tour? Too many to count!


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